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Project Ghana, Here We Come


Jul 21, 2022

Project Ghana approaches success with each day!

July Newsletter

By Amirrah Uwhubetine for C2C Team on July 21th, 2022

Dear Donors, Friends and Family,

Today is my Sweet 16th Birthday. Happy birthday to me!🎊🎉🎊🎉

OK Back to business…

We hope you and your families are staying safe and spending precious time together.

We have refreshing news to share with you all. Our latest container has arrived at Tema Port in Ghana. Last year only two of our co-founders were able to participate in the Nigerian Book Drive, however, in a few weeks, all girls are scheduled to reunite in Ghana from different parts of the globe. We plan to make it very similar to our book drive in Nigeria. We will visit various schools and communities, read books to eager children, and this time also commission a library! Eline and I are also very excited to introduce a new initiative in Ghana: an art project. We are both very creative and want to help children open their minds with fun art projects! To do this, we require extra funds for supplies and material. For our Ghana Book Drive, we have raised close to $9,000 but still need a little more to reach our goal of $10,000. To make a donation, please click on our link: GoFundMe - Child2Child Book Foundation.

We are very passionate about this project, and appreciate your continuous support. Please look out for pictures and updates from our Ghana trip and with your help we are sure to make this trip better than the last one.

Thank you for your support, we fully appreciate it.

Child2Child Book Foundation Team

To donate to Child2Child Book Foundation:

GoFundMe - Child2Child Book Foundation

Co-Founder Eline Asase, hard at work on a customer’s painting to raise money for C2C.

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