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Introducing New Member of C2C - Oliviah Matthews


Apr 5, 2022

Introducing New Member of C2C - Oliviah Matthews

April Newsletter

By The C2C Team on April 5th, 2022

Dear Donors, Friends and Family,

We hope you and your families are staying safe.

We would like to introduce a new member of Child2Child Book Foundation “C2C” - Miss Oliviah Matthews! Oliviah is from Atlanta, Georgia and loves to read. She also believes “...all children deserve equal access to quality education”. Oliviah has already started thinking of fundraising ideas and has donated $50 of her own allowance! Please read more about Oliviah on the next page, and if you would like to match or double her donation, please click on our GoFundMe page.

Thank you for your support.

Child2Child Book Foundation Team

To donate to Child2Child Book Foundation, Click on the link below:

GoFundMe - Child2Child Book Foundation

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