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C2C Book Drive in Ghana, 2022


Dec 19, 2022

C2C Book Drive in Ghana, 2022

Sedinam Asase, Amirrah Uwhubetine, Azzarrée Uwhubetine, and Eline Asase with students from Tarkwa Breman Girls’ School.

By Board of Trustees for The C2C Team on December 19, 2022 

C2C Ghana Booklet 2022
Download PDF • 16.35MB

Dear Donors, Friends and Family, 

We are delighted to share our second report which captures the adventures of Child2Child Book Foundation ("C2C") in Ghana this summer. The Foundation was represented by Amirrah and Azzarrée Uwhubetine, Sedinam and Eline Asase, Isabelle Quaynor and Nana Appiah-Korang, a Trustee and mother. 

From the report you will learn we distributed approximately 20,000 books over 4 regions in Ghana touching thousands of lives. The young ladies worked well together despite the hectic schedule which involved long distance trips to remote parts of Ghana.

As trustees of C2C, we are encouraged as we watch these young leaders tackle issues and find solutions to make our world a better one. It was a delight to work with them on this project. 

Our young leaders are looking forward to returning to Ghana in 2023 to continue the work they started this summer. They will also be in Togo partnering with a wonderful non-profit and working with orphanages across the country. This will be C2C’s first time tackling two countries at once and these young ladies are up for the challenge. We hope you will come along again for this amazing ride. 

We appreciate all your support and donations through the years and hope you enjoy the attached report!

Best regards,

Board of Trustees, Child2Child Book Foundation




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