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The Thacher School Features C2C Co-Founders: Sedinam and Eline Asase


May 15, 2022

Sedinam and Eline both at The Thacher School were features in the school news helping us raise money towards our 2022 Ghana Book Drive.

May Newsletter

The Thacher School Features C2C Co-Founders

By Eline Asase on May 15th, 2022

Dear Donors, Friends and Family,

We hope you and your families are staying safe.

We have good news! The Thacher School, a boarding school in California, has featured C2C Co-Founders Eline Asase ‘25 and Sedinam Asase ‘23 on their school website! The two girls are currently enrolled at The Thacher School and have made a huge impact on their community.

This recognition enables us to reach a larger audience and spread the good news of what we are doing in Nigeria and Ghana.

Please click on this link to find out more Thacher Today: C2C Co-Founders

Thank you for your support.

Child2Child Book Foundation Team

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